Oh Yeah    
  Distopian Dream Girl    
  Trimmed and Burning    
  Hard Time Killing Floor Blues     [Skip James]
  Goin' Against Your Mind    
  One Thing    
  Stop the Show    
  Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss    
  Wherever You Go    
  Conventional Wisdom    
  Carry the Zero    

With Idiot Pilot.

BTS headlined Musicfest NW, which brought 250 bands to Portland over three days.

The set was positively lousy* with new songs. Half the set were songs the band's been playing for a year or less; three of them I heard for the first time tonight. I'd been looking forward to the show for a long time, knowing I was going to hear all this new stuff, it was starting to feel like waiting for Christmas. But, you know, like, Rock Christmas. You can hear that some of the new songs are still evolving... 'Saturday' has a nice loud coda on it now, instead of ending as a cliff-hanger. Liar has lyrics at the end instead of a guitar lesson. Doug said they're about to start recording the new record, but that's no news at this point. Watch this space for availability of one of the many fine amateur recordings that were made.

* I mean lousy in the sense of the third definition listed in the 1966 edition of the American College Dictionary, "3. Slang. well supplied." The set was well supplied with new songs, not infested with biting vermin.