Distopian Dream Girl    
  Trimmed and Burning    
  Goin' Against Your Mind    
  The Weather    
  Hard Time Killing Floor Blues     [Skip James]
  Carry the Zero    

With Doug Martsch and J. Mascis.

A member of the audience posted this at the builttospill.com message board:

The Doug/J thing was a one-off deal. The gig revolved around a film and music festival taking place that weekend. In light of that, Doug and J (including a bassist, drummer, keyboardist, and I think a third guitarist) performed a score to footage of Syd Barrett, Pink Floyd, and John Lennon (maybe there were other Beatles in the footage, but I don't remember and my view of the video screen was partially obscured). Except for the drummer, all of the performers sat facing the screen behind the stage. This went on for maybe about 45 minutes.

Then BTS came on after one of the briefest intermissions I've ever encountered. Other than the Car/Carry the Zero encore that's been mentioned, they also played Revolution, Joyride, Distopian, Stab, Sidewalk, Trimmed and Burning, and The Weather. Plus you had the five or six "new songs" (is anyone positive that none of these songs are covers?). Normally I hate it when I get bombarded with yet-to-be-released material at a concert, but this was an exception. Most of them had the usual BTS elements: kinda moody and melancholy but they still rocked. The one towards the end of the show that just kept building up and up until they really let loose was the highlight.

Thanks to Bill for the setlist.