Three Years Ago Today    
  Center of the Universe    
  Now and Then    
  The Plan    
  Forget Remember When    
  Out of Site    
  Stop the Show    
  Don't Try*    
  Cortez the Killer     [Neil Young]
  * First documented performance

With the Black Keys and Draw.

Benefit for Campus Greens. Tickets $8 in advance, $10 at the door; doors at 8pm.

As far as I can tell, these were the first live performances of Out of Site, Alarmed, Don't Try and Cleo. If anybody knows otherwise, let me know.

Our ears in Boise report:

The first BTS show in nearly 1.5 years in Boise was played last night! Unfortunately I didn't find out about this till the day of the show (doh!) so it was already completely sold out. I got to the venue without a ticket to be informed of this fact by a large sign on the door. I ask about getting in and they won't budge. They won't even let one of the bartender's friends in. This is not good. But then Brett Nelson (bassist) stops on his way into the club to talk with the door guys. The stars were starting to align for me so I waited some moments then approached and told him I was having a hard time getting in. He was really nice about it and asked if he could get me in and the door guys were just rolling their eyes. Then the bouncer motioned for me to get in quick (made it!) and Brett just looks at me with a shrug and asks "did it work? cool."

The setlist was fantastic as you see from the attachment. Doug was in good form and happy which made for a fantastic show. It was easy to see that they were eager to be playing again after their extended absence from the live scene. Many old favorites were played with slightly new variations and even a couple of older songs that people were saying had never been played live before.