Working Class Hero*     [John Lennon]
  Kicked It In the Sun    
  Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss    
  Trouble     [Cat Stevens]
  When Not Being Stupid Is Not Enough    
  Ashes to Ashes     [David Bowie]
  Heart (Things Never Shared)    
  Carry the Zero    
  * First documented performance

Kicked It In The Sun was aborted right before the end; the pickup on Doug's acoustic guitar died halfway through Carry The Zero.

Notes from an audience member:

Doug was feeling sick tonight he said so it was a short set and he gave up on a few songs. He did play a 50m set with Mike Johnson & band before his own performance which was actually more interesting than his own set tonight. Doug was on bass and backup vocals. Mike plays a slow Velvet Underground style music, everyone seated on stage. Doug was center stage and picked out a sort of reggae style bassline to the songs. Ian Waters was on drums.