One of Us Cannot Be Wrong*     [Leonard Cohen]
  Moon Won't Raise    
  Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss    
  I'm So Proud     [Curtis Mayfield]
  I Would Hurt a Fly    
  Trouble     [Cat Stevens]
  Carry the Zero    
  Here Comes a Regular*     [the Replacements]
  Tarpit     [Dinosaur Jr.]
  Ashes to Ashes     [David Bowie]
  The Weather    
  * First documented performance

Notes about the show from an audience member:

Doug went on at about 11pm after 5 other acts performed. Evidently it was a benefit for a sick little girl. Doug apparently shortened his set a little because it was so late. The newly remodelled and larger Neurolux attracted many uninterested people tonight as the back half of the venue was filled with talking people. It didn't seem to affect Doug though and he barely noticed, playing several different songs not previously on his setlists. Doug mentions that the first half of the show is fingerpicked, second half strummed.

Thanks to Jared for the setlist and notes.