The First Song    
  This Night Has Opened My Eyes     [the Smiths]
  Some Things Last a Long Time     [Daniel Johnston]
  Heart (Things Never Shared)    
  Trouble     [Cat Stevens]
  Hard Time Killing Floor Blues     [Skip James]
  I Would Hurt a Fly    
  Tarpit     [Dinosaur Jr.]
  Still Flat    
  Something     [the Beatles]
  5 on 3    
  Try Me     [Bob Marley]
  The Weather    
  That's How Strong My Love Is     [Otis Redding]
  Straight To Hell     [the Clash]

With Mike Johnson; opening for Das Booty.

Das Booty had been booked previously, and Doug & Mike were added on as an early show that started around 7pm. Thanks to Dan for the list and notes.