The First Song    
  Trouble*     [Cat Stevens]
  I Would Hurt a Fly    
  Something*     [the Beatles]
  Still Flat    
  Heart (Things Never Shared)    
  Try Me*     [Bob Marley]
  Some Things Last a Long Time*     [Daniel Johnston]
  Tarpit*     [Dinosaur Jr.]
  The Weather    
  That's How Strong My Love Is*     [Otis Redding]
  5 on 3    
  Hard Time Killing Floor Blues*     [Skip James]
  This Night Has Opened My Eyes     [the Smiths]
  When Not Being Stupid Is Not Enough    
  * First documented performance

Notes from Jared, who was in the audience (thanks!):

Doug's first solo acoustic public show in Boise since the handful that he did in 1998. [Only ones I know of were 2/11/99 and 4/19/99, both in Boise... -Ed.] Recorded at his old haunt, the Neurolux Lounge, the crowd was a mix of Boise old timers and fans that travelled in. I counted 4 videotapers and 1 long time Boise minidisc taper rolling at the show. It was just Doug on stage up on a raised platform with his acoustic guitar and a mic outfitted with a large pop screen. Doug used minimal effects, mostly just his chorus pedal and he did bring in his own pre amp effects unit. The setlist consisted of many covers and a generous helping of old BTS classics. A few of the new songs off his solo record were added for good measure. Luckily, Doug told us what each of the songs were after they were played.