Police and Thieves     [the Clash]
  Distopian Dream Girl    
  Time Trap    
  Heart (Things Never Shared)    
  White Man in Hammersmith Palais     [the Clash]
  Straight To Hell     [the Clash]
  Virginia Reel Around the Fountain     [the Halo Benders]
  Bomb Shelter Pt. 2*     [the Halo Benders]
  Love Travels Faster*     [the Halo Benders]
  Don't Touch My Bikini     [the Halo Benders]
  Free Bird     [Lynyrd Skynyrd]
  * First documented performance

With the Hand and the Delusions.

The first three numbers were from Doug's unreleased solo record. Doug sang and played acoustic guitar without accompaniment on the first two; Jim Roth came out and helped out on the third one. Dave Kepple of the Delusions played guitar and sang on a couple of numbers (Reasons, Strange, White Man..., and others). Dave also did a harmonica break in White Man In Hammersmith Palais. Toward the middle of the set there was a new song, titled "Good Enough" on the setlist. (this later turned out to be 'Heart (Things Never Shared)' --Mark) Scott sat out, and Jim played pedal steel on this one. For the Halo Benders songs, Calvin Johnson sang and Ralf Youtz played drums; they stuck around for Free Bird, and were joined by Porter (last name, anybody?) on guitar.