Virginia Reel Around the Fountain     [the Halo Benders]
  Made-Up Dreams    
  Dream Police     [Cheap Trick]
  Canned Oxygen     [the Halo Benders]
  Velvet Waltz    
  What Is Life?     [George Harrison]
  Stop the Show    
  Trimmed and Burning    
  Free Bird     [Lynyrd Skynyrd]

Opening for Modest Mouse.

8pm show.

Thanks to everybody who sent setlists and notes. The extra musicians who'd been playing horns and percussion on What Is Life were absent on this night. Modest Mouse tore it up too... They played: Breakthrough, Broke, Third Planet, Cowboy Dan, Tiny Cities Made of Ashes, Diggin' Holes in the Water, Paper Thin Walls, Wild Pack of Family Dogs, Grey Ice Water, Neverending Math Equation, Polar Opposites, Life of Arctic Sounds, Doin' the Cockroach, ? (a Caustic Resin cover), Tundra/Desert. And then, as if that weren't enough, they encored with Interstate 8, Talkin' Shit About a Pretty Sunset, Lives, What People Are Made Of. Scott Plouf and Brett Netson played on Tiny Cities and Tundra/Desert; Brett played along on the Caustic cover, and John North joined the band on Diggin' Holes.