In Your Mind    
  Time Trap    
  Built to Spill    
  Made-Up Dreams    
  When Not Being Stupid Is Not Enough    
  Scarin'     [the Halo Benders]
  Stop the Show    
  Dream Operator     [the Talking Heads]
  Randy Described Eternity    
  Twin Falls    
  Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss    
  What Is Life?     [George Harrison]
  Velvet Waltz    
  Get a Life    

With the Delusions and the Suffocation Keep.

The band was the standard four piece with Brett Netson of Caustic Resin on guitar, keys and vocals all night. People from the opening bands came out and played horns on the G. Harrison cover. After Dream Operator Doug played a few bars of Snowfall, from the first Halo Benders record; he had me fooled, I thought they were going to play it.