When Not Being Stupid Is Not Enough    
  In The Morning    
  Big Dipper    
  Virginia Reel Around the Fountain     [the Halo Benders]
  Distopian Dream Girl    
  Made-Up Dreams    
  What Goes On     [the Velvet Underground]
  Singing Sores Make Perfect Swords     [Love As Laughter]
  Built to Spill    
  Cortez the Killer     [Neil Young]

With the Delusions.

This was one of the concerts recorded for WBR's Live record, released in April 2000. The performance of Singing Sores Make Perfect Swords was released on the record; the recordings of Virginia Reel Around the Fountain, Car, and Cortez The Killer used on the record may have come from this show, or may have been from the previous night. If you can clarify, please get in touch.