With Nectarine and USA.

Setlist is incomplete. A recording of the performance of Some was included on the K Records release 'The Normal Years'.

The gig was at the Chicago Filmakers' Festival, but not a part of it, as related by an eyewitness:

The 7/25/95 Chicago show was not part of any festival, it was put on there because that was the only all ages venue that was available. There was no AC in there and it was hot as HELL. Nectarine and USA opened. This was one of the tours with the Lync guys as rhythm section, and also one of the shows where every song was about 10 minutes long.

The first Chicago show was about a year before that, probably in October. They played at the Empty Bottle with Nectarine. If there was another band involved, I don't recall. The next night they played in Beloit, Wisconsin.

Thanks to Bryan for the info.