Bus 8*    
  Tongues On Thrones*     [Treepeople]
  Liquid Boy*     [Treepeople]
  The First Song    
  Built to Spill    
  Big Dipper    
  Scarin'     [the Halo Benders]
  Kicked It In the Sun    
  Made-Up Dreams*    
  * First documented performance

In-store performance at a coffee house adjacent to the Record Exchange, a Boise record store. It was just Doug on an acoustic guitar. Warner Brothers released Big Dipper and Kicked It in the Sun as b-sides on the Center of the Universe CD single; Doug has told interviewers that he wasn't consulted on the decision to release the tracks and wasn't too thrilled with WBR's choice of songs... There's an interview that talks about it at Nude as the News.