Get a Life    
  Three Years Ago Today    
  Lie for a Lie*    
  Out of Site*    
  Twin Falls    
  Canned Oxygen     [the Halo Benders]
  Nowhere Nothin' Fuckup    
  On A Tip     [the Halo Benders]
  * First documented performance

With Nectarine; opening for House Of Large Sizes.

The known recording that's circulated on cassette cuts the beginning of Hazy and the end of Nowhere Nothin' Fuckup. In October 2009 a first generation cassette copy was digitized and now circulates in FLAC format.

Thanks to Clark for running the tape deck at the show (if I recall correctly, this was before taping had completely made the switch from 'criminal' to 'populist'), and to Adam for digitizing and distributing the recording.