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Early one morning in May 2000, Phil Huckleberry asked the Yahoo bts mailing list:

Does anybody have any kind of set list archive going, especially for the '99 tour? It'd be swell if somebody did. has been a collective worldwide effort ever since, and a product of my appreciation of the band and my desire for a big, but not too big web project to work on. I had no idea it would put me in touch with so many good people in every part of the world. Hi, everybody.

So, this site is cool in direct proportion to how much effort you put into it. Please send setlists, photographs, reviews; scan your ticket stub and email it to me. Anything about the live experience you feel like broadcasting to the world, I'll figure out a way to work it into the site.

I try to respond to everyone who writes; if I haven't, bear these things in mind:

All that said, write me:

mark at not23 dot com